Step 1: Go to and enter your First Name and Email Address.


Step 2: Make sure to check your email from NexusMerchants signup notification and confirmed it.


*Note: If the NexusMerchants account signed up was not confirmed through email, it will not going to work even if you are done with all of the configuration processes.


Step 3: Your login username and a temporary system-generated password will also be sent to your email after sign up. 


Step 4: Login to your NexusMerchants account and on the left panel, expand "Profile" tab > click on the "Change Password" from the subtab and configure your password.


Don't forget to click on the check mark icon underneath the field to 'save' your settings.


Congratulations! You now have successfully created your account with NexusMerchants.

Now, start making a FREE Test Merchant to give you a feel of how it is going to work with your site transactions. Click here to guide you through the step-by-step process of setting up your free test merchant account