This article explains how Nexus Merchants takes payments and why some failed payment won't be shown in your Stripe account.

How NexusMerchants is doing it step by step?

  1. When a client places an order through an order form, the provided credit card details will be used by Nexus Merchants to create a card in Stripe!
  2. Stripe will check the provided card details and when the details are all correct, Nexus will create a customer within Stripe.
  3. Now that the customer has been created Nexus will be charging the card with the amount belonging to the order on the order form.

Depending on whether there are sufficient funds on the card, you will see the transaction as "succeeded or failed" in your stripe account. See image below.

However, when the card is not valid, all other steps will not be made and you won't be able to see the attempted transaction as ''Failed'' in your Stripe! 

Only valid cards will create a customer and Only valid cards will be charged!

I hope this made it clear to you why some failed payments won't be shown in your Stripe.

We wish you a lot of Valid Cards! 

The Nexus Merchants Team.