This article describes the simple process of cancelling your Nexus Merchants account.

In the event you find yourself no longer in need of our services, cancelling your Nexus Merchants account is a very simple process.

Write an email to with the request to cancel you account.

In this email you must state the correct email address that the account has been set up with and you must give us the 4 last digits of the credit card that you used for the subscription payments. 

(copy and paste the following and change the email and card number for you convenience.)

Please, cancel my Nexus Merchants account under my email and with credit card ending in 0000,

Can we ask you please, it would really help us  if you could add a line or two about why you no longer wish to use our services?

We will always confirm the cancellation! No confirmation from our side, within 2 working days, could mean that we have not received your request and that your account may still be active. It is your responsibility to make sure that your request has been honoured. 

As a rule, we do not partly refund any fees paid. However,  when you have been charged for an annual subscription fee and you realise that you forgot to cancel, you may be refunded partly but we will charge a late cancellation fee of $47 plus $47 for each month or part of a month, that has past after the charge.

We understand that you are busy and that you may forget to cancel your subscription with us but we are in no position to monitor hundreds of subscription on their usage. Not having used our system for a number of months, does not mean that you are entitled for a refund. 

We hope you have had a good experience with us and are sad to see you go.

Hopefully till soon.

Nexus Merchants.