In Nexus Merchants, just like all other, you can choose your subscription whether Monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annual or Annual. 

We recommend that you nominate the yearly subscription if you wish to make huge savings. 

Below is how much savings you can have.


         Nexus Merchants' Monthly subscription = 47.00 USD
         Nexus Merchants' Quarterly subscription = 120 USD

         Nexus Merchants' Bi-Annual subscription = 235.00 USD           
         Nexus Merchants' Annual subscription = 447.00 USD 

(The above shows that NexusMerchants is 117.00 USD cheaper on a yearly subscription than on a monthly subscription )

We offer free registration for Nexus Merchants. 

When you already have your card information in Infusionsoft which you wish to use as your payment option, you can simply select the card detail from the drop-down on the checkout page. Your card will be charged based on your chosen subscription type.

We wish you a lot of business!

Nexus Merchants Team