Here's a quick way to get the MerchantID for any merchant inside Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft rolled out an update to the eCommerce Merchants UI, which prevents users from just hovering over the Edit button on the merchant and reading the ID.

You can still retrieve the Merchant ID for every merchant you have, but its a little tricky and little techy - however - fear not! This short tutorial will show you how to grab your MerchantID in under 5 mins.

Step 1: Go to eCommerce > Settings

Step 2: Go to Orders on the next screen, down the left sidebar.

Step 3: On the right, you'll see a setting called Default Merchant Acct for Manual Orders: with a dropdown box of all your merchants.


Now comes the ninja bit!

Right click on the dropdown box and click the Inspect button!

You'll see this:



Now you will need to search. If you are using Chrome the from your keyboard use Ctrl+F > in the Search field type "please select a default merchant" and you get the following screen.

Use the number that is to the left of your Merchant as your ID.

All done!

Please ask us if you have any questions!