Application Name is the first characters that appear in your Infusionsoft app name. If you have an Infusionsoft URL of, then your Infusionsoft “Application Name” is abc1



Meanwhile, the API Key is found inside your Infusionsoft Admin Settings. To look, login into your Infusionsoft Account, go to >> My Nav (Master Navigation on the top left of your Infusionsoft account) >> hover over “Admin” Section >> Under Admin, Click on “Settings”. You’ll be landed on the screenshot shown below.



Click on Application TAB to open the page as shown in the next screenshot below.
Then, scroll down near the bottom and look at where the arrow is pointing on the illustration.



If it the first time that you will be using your Infusionsoft API Key, it is a must that you nominate a password on API Passphrase field as shown above to encrypt your API Key.