You've configured a Nexus Merchants account and installed it into Infusionsoft. What's next?

This article describes optimum settings, recommendations and test procedures you should follow after you've added Nexus Merchants to your Infusionsoft account.

  1. Have you switched over all your subscriptions, payment plans, order forms to the new Nexus Merchants? If not - please do so now - or just reply to this email address in case you're stuck. If you have subscriptions, you can automatically switch them from any old merchant accounts to Nexus Merchants using the Merchant ID Updater Tool.
  2. Go to eCommerce Settings > Orders and change your default merchant account to Nexus Merchants if you want to switch over from an old default merchant account.
  3. Go to eCommerce Setup > Payment Types and set the Merchant Account to Use to Nexus Merchants.
  4. Go ahead and perform a live test for $1 through your live Nexus Merchants account! 
  • Create a product inside Infusionsoft for $1
  • Create an order form and link it with the product
  • Inside the order form settings, make sure its set to bill through Nexus Merchants
  • Go ahead and purchase the product using a LIVE credit card
  • Once the test goes through successfully, refund the order through Infusionsoft to see how that works.

And that's it! You're now all setup & ready to go