Why should I choose NexusMerchants for Infusionsoft over other Merchants? What's in it for me?


1. Integrates Your Chosen Merchant - Upon launch, we only have two (2) merchants in our list which are Stripe and Braintree. When you wish to use the power of Infusionsoft to automate your business processes, accelerate your growth and lessen your operational expense, but the one thing that stops you is your merchant provider as it is not supported by Infusionsoft, the answer is NexusMerchants. Get in touch with us through support@nexusmerchants.com and we're more than happy to integrate your own merchant provider to NexusMerchants at a cost of $997 which includes the first years' subscription. Then, you can start using your own merchant with Infusionsoft.

2. Supports Multi-Currency for Stripe Users - If your business is catering for different currencies, NexusMerchants is perfectly designed for you. You no longer need to set up different Infusionsoft app for each currency that you are serving. All you need is just one NexusMerchants account. It can scale itself to cater one up to multi-currencies. If you are interested to know how to set this up, click here to quickly dive into details.

3. Track and Summarise Payment Transactions - In NexusMerchants Payments Tab, you can easily filter the transactions made on your business. It also gives you a quick link to see the record of the transaction in your Merchant Provider and in your Infusionsoft Account. This will allow you to easily see any potential discrepancies on the transaction and take quick action. it also provides you with an accurate report.

4. No one-time set-up charge 

5. NexusMerchants will NOT ONLY serve as a native merchant in your Infusionsoft account, but it is also more than that. It opens its doors for another source of income for you. Don't let anyone stop you from posting your personal referral link on your webpages and in your marketing emails. When someone subscribed using your referral link, you will surely earn a referral incentive which is traceable in a specific section. Use this link to subscribe

6. PCI DSS Compliant - It passed the security requirements for businesses that store, process or transmits cardholder's data. 

7. Allow change of E-mail Address - One of the struggles we had in Stripey Fuse was the subscribers their inability to change the email address associated with their account. NexusMerchants solves that issue by giving you the opportunity to replace the email.