We are sorry that you are experiencing an error! We don't like it either but when the following error appears in your Infusionsoft by Keap app,

the"Payment Gateway : Invalid payment details : missing info for 3D-secure transaction: acceptHeader" (see the image below)

please ensure that you have the 3d secure switched off in both, your Infusionsoft merchant settings and your Worldpay settings as Nexus Merchants does not support 3d secure. 

To switch off the 3d secure in WorldPay, you need to send a request to customeramendments@worldpay.com and WorldPay will do that for you. Do not worry, It is safe as all parties involved are PCI/DSS compliant.

When calling the Customer service department from WorldPay, you may get an agent telling you that it will not be possible or that they doubt that your wish would be granted. Please use the above-mentioned email address to avoid delay instead.

The payments should now go through nicely once the 3D secure has been switched off at both locations.

Any Questions? Do not hesitate to contact us at support@nexusmerchants.com

Nexus is wishing you a lot of healthy business!

Nexus Merchants Inc