The very first thing that you need before you can start selling your products is - a way to take money!

Stripe is the most popular payment gateway in the world, offering competitive rates and fast approval to millions of small businesses around the world.

You are able to add Stripe as your merchant inside of as a way to take money from your clients.

From the left sidebar, click Merchants and +add a new merchant

Choose Stripe from the list of available merchants (more coming soon!)

On the next screen, name your Merchant account whatever you'd like, and then select what currency you want to bill your customers in. 

You will now be taken to your Stripe account to authorize our connection. Go ahead and login, and press the Authorize access to this account button.

Once done, you will be taken back to and you'll see your newborn merchant connection on the list of merchants.

You can now go ahead and create products, link them with your merchant account, and start selling!