Connectors are a way for making your Order Forms talk to other 3rd party systems, like your CRM, etc. lets you push your Contacts and Orders into 3rd party CRM systems like Infusionsoft in a jiffy, so that all your reporting and fulfilment is consistent across the board (for example, sell an e-book using and deliver it via email through Infusionsoft).

First, head to Connectors on the left sidebar, and click +add first connector!

Now, choose your third party CRM system from the list, ex: Infusionsoft.

Simply name your connection (for example: Infusionsoft connection, ActiveCampaign connection), toggle the Active switch to On, and click Add Connector.

What this will do is, it will pop up an "authorization window" for the 3rd party system of your choice, and ask you to give permission to to push data into your system.

In the case of Infusionsoft, select the Infusionsoft application you need to push in Orders, Contacts and Tags into, from the dropdown list that appears

Click Allow.

Note: You can add as many connections to as many CRM systems (including Infusionsoft apps) as you like.

Once done, this will bring you back to your Connectors page, and you should see your brand new Connector sitting pretty inside your Connectors list. 

You can now configure Edit Order Actions on your Order Forms to push data into your external CRMs.