Using you can push your Orders & Contacts into an external CRM of your choice, and even fire purchase actions to deliver and fulfil their purchases.

Inside your order form configuration screen, you saw an option titled Edit Order Actions:


Here is how you can push Orders, Contacts, and Tags to Infusionsoft:

Click the Edit Order Actions dropdown box.

Then click Add Action.

Select your connector type from the dropdown box:


With Infusionsoft, here are the actions available to you:


Add Contact: Takes the customers details (name, address, phone number etc) and pushes it to Infusionsoft (dupe-checked on email address)

Add Tag: Adds Infusionsoft Tags to the Contacts that are created using the function above. You can chain-add as many Tags as you like.

Add Order: If you use Infusionsoft's eCommerce module, you can also push in an Order to your Infusionsoft ledger and associate it with the Contact above. This will push in the name of the product and the order amount for you to track your sales inside of Infusionsoft. Note: This will NOT trigger "Product Purchased" goals inside of Infusionsoft.

Achieve API Goal: Since you cannot trigger Product Purchased goals, and "Add Tag" goals can only be triggered once inside of Infusionsoft (since Tags cannot be reapplied twice on any contact), you can use API goals to fire off campaigns inside of Infusionsoft.
API goals can be fired as many times as you like.


Integration and Call Names:



NOTE: Please ensure that the Integration and Call Name fields in both Infusionsoft and settings match perfectly and are exactly alike and case sensitive.

Chaining Order Actions

You can chain as many order actions together as you like :-)

If you have any questions, please email